About Assure Energy

Quality Services

Why Assure Energy?

Our services will reduce the costs associated with your growing customer needs and help meet their demands without sacrificing quality and responsible growth.

By deploying experienced contract labour, we give you the advantage to react quickly to increased labour demands while avoiding the challenges associated with expedited screening, hiring, and training.

Assure employs highly motivated, professionally trained individuals who specialize in water management. Our team has the experience and ability to think critically and adapt to changing environments while carrying out tasks in a safe and efficient manner.

Quality Values

Our Core Values

Customer Service. You are our first priority. Uncompromising service and support backed by devoted professionals motivated to bring you the highest quality product.

Safety. We are committed to promoting a safe culture that fosters consistency by adhering to strict policies and procedures. Our team is focused on completing tasks in the safest and most efficient manner that meets and exceeds industry standards.

Integrity. Our team understands the importance of honesty, transparency, and professional conduct.Reliability and performance are paramount in defining the reputations of our team and your business.

Integrity Driven Service.

Whatever the project, our goal is to assist you until completion with integrity-driven service enhancing the reputation of your business.

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Chris Rempel

President & CEO

780-897-7889 / chris@assureenergy.ca